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Originally created in 2004, Retirement Wave was directed to retirees, especially those interested in relocating to Panama. Since then, it has attracted growing interest from people who are of retirement age, but not planning a traditional retirement, and many in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are not yet thinking in terms of retirement, but are interested in relocating to or investing in Panama. They are very welcome and the information provided here is not related to age or employment status.

In the last decade of operation, we have accepted no advertising and no fees for what is offered and that remains the policy today. Now in 2014, we do have something to offer that requires payment, no matter how modest. It is the first on-line, Internet conference on relocation and investment in Panama, created by Retirement Wave's founder and editor, Bob Adams, as an alternative to the very expensive conferences held by others. A website describing the Panama Wave Conference can be seen at Panama Wave. The video below provides a brief introduction. The purpose is to provide accurate information on Panama from every perspective, but at as low a price as possible. Check it out!