A Dry Rainy Season?

One of my least favorite things is a head cold, but my little virus friend found a home and settled in!  That is ending now and life returns to normal.  In English, we call them "colds", but they have nothing to do with the air temperature, so the guilty virus is just as happy in a tropical climate as anywhere else!  Well, in any case, I am delighted to wish my virus a not-so-fond farewell and be back to work!

About a week ago, we heard that this year's "rainy season" was the driest since 1939.  I am nearing the end of my 14th year in Panama and I have experienced one "dry rainy season" before.  We all had to conserve water and we did.  Actually, I was impressed at how the society adapted to the situation.  We came through it without any significant damage, even though the warning came later than it should have.

This time, the warning came in advance.  So what happened?  The rains came!  We have had more rain in the last week than in the three or four weeks before.  We will not know for a while if the problem is over, so conservation continues to be the policy.  I am very happy to cooperate.  Better to be over-cautious than fail.  However, I am very pleased to see the authorities acting much more quickly than in the past, so I am not going to worry about this.  On the contrary, this kind of "problem" is a blessing when it causes us to be more careful.