Oil and Natural Gas in Panama

We have known for years that there are some oil and natural gas deposits off-shore and on-shore in Panama, but little was done on the subject.  Well, we are finally having this studied more thoroughly.  I think the most exciting news about this is how unexcited people are about it.  We have so much going on right now that is positive that adding this is no big deal.  No one expects our deposits to be all that substantial, although our off-shore area is right along-side of Colombia's current oil fields.  The attitude is to take note, do the basic research, and then see if it makes any sense.  A simple Google English translation of the text of a local newspaper's article on the topic is readable.  It can be found here (will open a new page) for those who are truly interested.  We already have one of the world's largest copper mines under construction and that takes a lot of attention from the environmental side, so adding oil and natural gas just complicates that picture.  I have no opinion yet myself and will wait for the results, but although it may amount to little or nothing, it is another expression of this nation's approach to business.  They tend to be cautious on subjects outside their direct experience and I have no argument with that, but they do their research.