Then there's also the "pied-à-terre"

I recently put up a video at the YouTube channel on Metro Match, our service to help people with limited budgets find a good place to live in the Panama City metropolitan area.  Thousands of people pass through the city without being aware that they are not seeing 98% of it, some of it being very reasonably-priced and in good neighborhoods.  That is discussed here at the site in our Metro Match section.  We are particularly interested in sharing good homes in the $160K to 200K range.

But is is also a service for anyone looking a home in the metro area at any price.  However, the under-200K range is also a good one for people at the other end of the financial spectrum.  I mean those who have the money to pay the higher prices of the coast and mountains, but want what the French call a "pied-à-terre", a smaller, less expensive home in the city that they can use when they are in Panama City on business or pleasure.  That will be mentioned in a future video too. All Members at Retirement Wave receive equal attention.

If you haven't seen the video in the Videos section, you can see it at the YouTube channel now, if you like.  You can find it at  If you visit, why not subscribe?  I often post there and folks seem to find it useful.  The videos are "amateur", but the  purpose is informational and I think that is what most serious people are looking for.