Shop 'til you Drop!

Like most of the world, this month is a shopping month for Christmas and Hanukkah.  But in Panama, it is also for Mom!  Tomorrow is Mothers Day and that is probably the biggest gift-giving day of the year other than the first two religious holidays.  As I write, the streets are packed with semi-hysterical men rushing to get their gifts bought!  Whatever, it is a big day and a national holiday as well.  So it may be busy today, but the streets will be quiet tomorrow.  My mother has passed on, so I am just as happy to see the lines of cars without having to join them.

We were told a month ago that this could be a dry "wet season", then the rains came.  A few days ago, they told us the rains would be heavy.  Today, the sun shines, laughing at us silly humans!  For the sake of Mother's Day shoppers, I am thankful for that.

I put up a new video at my YouTube Channel on our Metro Match program and I am already getting interest.  I think there is a genuine need to help people with limited budgets get the homes they want, so that interest  is my "gift" this year and it's a great one!