Summer in Panama

We are not south of the equator, so this is technically "winter", but for us, it is really summer.  The weather is the best, schools are out, and people are on vacation, but the city keeps up the pace.  The final results for 2017 are not yet official, but it is clear that Panama will once again be the fastest-growing economy in the Western Hemisphere from Alaska to Argentina and Canada to Chile.


We are not always #1, but when we are not, we are still near the top and have been for two decades. Consistency is a great strength.  Other nations that depend primarily on tourism or a single natural resources like oil, tin, copper and so forth are always vulnerable to weather and price changes.  We have our "ups and downs" too, but they comparatively gentle and so far, always positive.  Keeping it that way is why the city keeps up the page, even during vacation months.

No complaints.  There are many worse fates!