Preparing a new Report from Panama

People who have followed Retirement Wave over the last 14 years are very much aware of my "Reports from Panama".  I used to do them three times a year, but now only one, possibly two..  Why? Because they are detailed and provide a great deal of information, running 12-18 pages in length as a PDF. 

These reports are very time-consuming and hard to squeeze in between all the other work I'm doing, so they tend to be at the bottom of my "to do" list each day.  Well, I am now pushing myself to get a new one done because the old one really needs updating. 

So I am doing my best to prepare it and I definitely want it to get out in February, but I know better than to promise anything more specific!  Have faith.  It will get done and sent out, but it can be exhausting, so thank you for your patience.  You are not forgotten!!!