I have a YouTube channel for Panama.  There are more than 80 videos there, so this is just a small selection.  I will rotate them with others from time to time.  Some videos refer to the "Members section" of the RW website, but that was the old website.  A few of the older ones were professionally done, but that was far too expensive and time-consuming, so now I do simple, informal videos.   I think of them more as a "continuing conversation" with Retirement Wave members and the general public.  If you like, visit the channel and see some of the others and subscribe to receive notification of new ones as they are put up.  There is no obligation at all.

The local real estate community may not appreciate it, but I discuss the current "buyer's market" in  housing prices, focusing on the city which has much more to offer than most people think.   I explain why I shifted from wanting to live in the country to Panama City and why I think that it has become a good alternative, especially if you are on a tight budget.   For more on this and other Panama topics, subscribe by clicking on the red "subscribe" link above!

People ask me why I chose to live in Panama. It has very little to do with me. It has to do with the people around me. Recorded more than three years ago and still true today.

I am often asked which is better, Costa Rica or Panama?  Thesame is true of other Latin American nations.  I normally avoid comparisons as they are usually very inadequate, but I make this one exception for the question asked most frequently.

Some people write me and say their friends and family tell them they're "crazy" to move Panama.  No, you are not crazy!  Not at all.  I talk about some of the reasons this happens from time to time..

I am always looking for ways to benefit newcomers to Panama.  A recent request for help has presented an opportunity that I discuss in this video.  I mention going to the old Retirement Wave website to sign up for the newsletter, but we are now in the process of changing over to the new site, so that isn't working.  I will let you know when sign-up is available again.

In answer to a question from a subscriber to compare Panamanian "culture" with American "culture".  I try to explain that both societies, and the most, probably all, the others represented here at the channel,, are not single cultures, but a mixture and we need to look at the subject a little differently.

This is not my video and it is not from YouTube, but from Vimeo, another video service.  It was created by some Europeans who had been hired to create a new advertising campaign for Panama and this is a collection of some of the work they did.  It is beautifully done and I wanted to share it too!