Welcome to Retirement Wave! - Welcome to Panama!


Originally created in 2004, Retirement Wave was designed as an introduction to Panama by an expat who has spent nearly all his adult life working and living overseas.  You can read his story in the About section.  The site originally focused on traditional North American retirees, but a growing number of members are not interested in traditional retirement or are too young to retire and come from more than 40 nations, so the site now is dedicated to expats of all ages and backgrounds from every nation.



The world is passing through a period of great transition.  Living through it happily is like surfing a wave.

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A special service provided freely to RW members who are interested in living in the heart of the nation - Panama City

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Here you will find a variety of original reports on different aspects of Panama and its dramatic growth.

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Simple videos on many different topics and questions from viewers are answered.

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