Since I first set up Retirement Wave back in 2004-5, I have written many reports and other essays for RW members.  These are a few from the past and more will be added in the coming weeks.  Some RW members join primarily to get the "Report from Panama" that I prepare a couple times a year.  They are long and detailed, but I know some people become members primarily to receive them!  Unless otherwise indicated, all files below are PDF files.

NEW! This is the most recent "Report from Panama" issued in June of 2019.  You can download it here.

This is a report on the results of a survey completed by 673 members of RW during late July and early August of 2017.  You can download it here.

Following the "Panama Papers" scandal, I wrote a "clarification" of the situation published at Barron's, a major US financial publication. You can download a copy here.

In this essay, "Paradise is for Dead People", I discuss the exaggeration of many relocation or retirement websites. You can download it here.