The Background

Panama’s rapid economic growth in the 21st century has made it a “star” in Latin America and for good reason.  However, in the process, real estate prices have risen and made it more difficult for foreigners to find affordable housing, or so it seems.  That is a great over-simplification.  The truth is that there is a wide range of prices, but it is the most expensive that are pitched on the Internet as they bring the highest commissions and the greatest profits. 

 Along with them are many homes available for less, but they do require that you know the situation well enough to negotiate a good price.  And knowing that certain areas have been over-built and have unsold inventory puts you in a much stronger position to bargain, if you know what you are doing.  That is a simple summary.  There is far more that can be said, but that is best found at my YouTube channel.

 As a result, for the first time since its creation in 2004, Retirement Wave is offering to help newcomers in their search for good, affordable housing.  At no cost to you and in response to your specific needs, we offer help in successfully finding the home you want at a price you can afford.  I call it Metro Match.

The Key Factor in Metro Match - You

The purpose of this “project” is to help you get what you want, but you must know what you want!  No one expects you to commit to buying a property in advance.  Of course not.

However, we need to feel you are truly serious in your interest because we will have to make an intense effort to meet your requirements and you need to be clear on what those are.  If you are coming to Panama for the first time, you are not ready.  I know from years of experience that you will not be able to make a good judgment until you are here and see the possibilities yourself.  You cannot do it on the Internet alone.  You need to be here.

For now, we only offer this service for Panama City and its metro area.  That covers far more than the center city but does not extend a great distance up the coast. People rarely think in terms of the metro area, home to more than two million of us, but it is really developing into a very good place to live, especially if you like to get out, find a wide variety of activities, and enjoy life.  Yes, it offers the most amenities, the best hospitals, the best transportation and communication systems, the best shopping, and more restaurants then you will ever have time to visit, but there is a lot more offered in Panama City as a result of it being the center point of economic growth in Panama than you may imagine.

Since most people only come for a week or two the first time, it is very unlikely you will have enough time both to make the right decision as to the area where you want to live, as well as find and buy a home. 

If you come down for a month, for example, determined to choose a location and buy, then that can work because you are committed to making it work and you have given yourself time to check out different areas.

If you have visited Panama before and have a good idea of the area where you want to live, then a couple weeks is fine, but at least ten days.  After all, even if you found a home in the first day or two, there is paperwork that needs to get done and you want to have enough time to do it properly.

But suppose you want to rent?  

 Can we help you there?  Yes, definitely.  Again, the key is having a good agent who is fair and committed to meeting you needs.  Yes, such agents exist!

 So, if you are interested, what do you do?

So, if you are interested, what do you do?

Contact me and let me know what you are looking for, your budget, and any useful information.  We should be able to tell you whether there is good potential to find something that suits you or not before you arrive.  If we do not think the potential is good, we will say so.  None of us wants to waste our time when we know we cannot find you anything worthwhile. And by the way, I receive all the emails sent and read and respond to each.

Finally, there is no charge to you.  The agent gets his piece of the commission and, if you ask us to help find a good lawyer, you will have to make your own arrangement with him or her.  Otherwise, you pay nothing that you would not be paying anyhow.  No hidden charges, but people working on your behalf.  And yes, I look forward to meeting with you too!  I am not a real estate agent or lawyer, so I will not be directly involved, but I want to talk to people to see if we are doing the right thing in the right way. If it does not work for you, it does not work for me. It’s that simple.