I have a YouTube channel dedicated to Panama where I have more than 80 videos created over the last few years. These are just a few of them. If you would like to see the others, you can find them by clicking here. If you click on “subscribe", you will get notification of new ones from time to time. If you click on the “bell” beside the subscibe button (which will say “subscribed” at that point), YouTube will send that nofitication to you as soon ad a new video is posted.

Some basic information on the geography and "layout" of Panama, its various provinces and "comarcas", and a few of its cities. I am using new video editing software as will become obvious! Oh well, as I often say, this is an informal conversation with my YT friends, so no surprise!

I answer some of your questions as the first of four "update" videos. I do this from time to time as questions are shared by viewers.

I discuss both the "income" and "debt" perspectives of Panama and their impact on the economy, as well as the stability of the nation as a home for you.
People always ask me why I chose to live in Panama. This is one big reason and it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with the people around me.
In answer to a question from a subscriber to compare Panamanian "culture" with American "culture". I try to explain that both societies, and the most, probably all, the others represented here at the channel,, are not single cultures, but a mixture and we need to look at the subject a little differently.
Some people write me and say their friends and family tell them they're "crazy" to move Panama. No, you are not crazy! Not at all. I talk about some of the reasons this happens from time to time..

This is not my video and it is not from YouTube, but from Vimeo, another video service. It was created by an agency that had been hired to create a new advertising campaign for Panama and this is a collection of some of the work they did. It is beautifully done and I wanted to share it too!